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Furutech anti-vibration feets.

Furutech anti-vibration feet, which look like ordinary rubber. But things are not as easy as they seem.

Furutech Power Filters and Splitters E-TP615, E-TP609NCF and E-TP809NCF are highly efficient and clearly enhance the sound of audio systems. At the same time, the E-TP609NCF and E-TP809NCF do not contain any filter elements (capacitors, chokes, transformers, etc.).

Because the design seems quite simple and the sockets of the original original component (IEC and Schuko) are freely available, there are many attempts to make similar but ultimately cheaper splitters. However, an improvement in sound compared to the original is not achieved. One reason for this is neglect of the effects of vibrations on the electrical signal transmission line.

vibrāciju trokšni

urutech uses feets that resemble regular rubber in these splitters, but the material similar to black rubber contains the Furutech piezo ceramic and carbon nanoparticle additive used in many Furutech power connectors (plugs, sockets, wall sockets). The result is a significant reduction in vibration resonance. If there is no significant difference in the frequency range up to 4kHz, then there is up to 10dB resonance attenuation above 4kHz. These frequencies are in the range of human hearing.


It should be noted that after 13KHz resonance peaks are not observed even without piezo-traces. These frequencies are in the range of human hearing.


In the accompanying pictures, the red graph is the E-TP609 without piezo splitter but the blue is equipped with four.


Test Method: FFT analysis using a small microphone attached to the e-TP609 AC power distributor with four Piezo Insulating Footers placed on a vibrating base.

Furutech FS Alpha 36 for DIY.

Do it yourself! Equipping speaker cable with plugs and cover with braid .
Many cable manufacturers offer their own cables from reels for the DIY enthusiasts. Of course, you can simply remove the insulator from the cable ends and screw it to the terminals of the speakers, but if from time to time, there is a desire to experiment with cables, it's not really convenient. Also, the cable with time fills and does not look as nice as it was from the reel.

So the set consists of Furutech's premium quality AC Alpha 36 audio cable, Kacsa Audio banana plug and Kacsa Audio decorative cable casing. Kacsa Audio was chosen to fit into certain budget frames. The products of this brand stand out with a very high quality and affordable price. I chose the lead cables made of monocrystal copper (OCC Copper) wires with rhodium plated.

Furutech FS alpha 36/Furutech_kacsa_kit

Removing the outer casing of the cable reveals a second, special polychlorovinyl and carbon binder wire cover. This cover fulfills two functions - damp mechanical vibration and protects the cables from the effects of external electromagnetic interference.

FS alpha 36 carbon inner

The wire core is also made of carbon-bearing material and executes the intrinsic vibration damping task.


In general, the work is quite simple, does not take much time, and at the end we get a nice, excellently sounding cable.

Furutech FS alpha 36 DIY

Taga Harmony PF-1000 upgrade

Taga Harmony PF-1000 upgrade.

Taga Harmony filter

    As it is said, there is no harm without good. After several years of successful Taga Harmony PF-1000 sales finally, come in contact with the first defect - burn out the "power on" LED.

PF1000 inside view

I got a spare part from the European distributor quite quickly and got into work. Immediately I would add that it took a little time and it was quite simple.


At the same time, it was thought that this filter would be slightly improved. I decided to lay the inside of the body and the lower lid with vibration damping material 

PF-1000 Taga


and replace the IEC socket with the Furutech FI-06R NCF. 

Gluing needed a hot air dryer, but the nest was supposed to use a flat file as the FI-06 socket was slightly wider than the original. But the fixing holes corresponded completely.

IEC Taga


 In general, spending a couple of hours and 40 euros on IEC socket and 2 euros on a "Silent coat" damping mat provides a sound enhancement of the audio system.

Taga PF1000 NCF



HTA-700B SE v.2 - new definition of amplification

HTA700 packing.



HTA700 packing_1




front HTA-700B v.2



HTA-700B v.2 rear



HTA700B_v.2 _EVO dac



HTA700B.v.2 furutech power



Taga_harmony HTA700B_v.2- b&w speakers

Nordost QB8 and Furutech NCF

This time to merge with Furutech NCF was for Nordost QBASE-Mark II concept series filter-distributor QB8. Elegant design hush acquired a wide range of adherents in the audiophile world. But nothing could be so good, not try to get even better.


Qb8 Nordost

Ob8 izgatavots ļoti rūpīgi un pirmajā brīdī bija pat žēl to visu izjaukt.  

 Ob8 made very carefully and at the first moment, it even regretted to start it to dismantle.

This time to change the original Schuko socket to Furutech FI-E30 (R) NCF was not difficult. No need to drill, to rasp or to saw. The only part of an elegant appearance had to donate due to a decorative plate, which simultaneously executes the socket fixing feature, do not fit in any way. It was necessary only longer screws for new socket fixing. Although filter got a little robust look, but it was not so bad. 

Nordost Qb8 NCF

Nordost QRT plus NCF


A small stone to QB8 producers garden- screws could be made of stainless (non-magnetic) steel. In previous Nordost Thor filter, such screws have been applied. Of course in this upgrade process to non-magnetic screws, nuts and washers were applied.

Unfortunately this time the IEC socket could not change, because without the help of skilled miller politely it was not possible- new Furutech FI-06 )R) NCF is too big for this inlet place on filter body


But, even without changing of the IEC inlet the result is very convincing- sound became much more transparent, more three-dimensional and timbral richer.


Furutech FI-30E NCF (R) for DIY.

Customer`s review:

 To replace gold plated Schuko socket of E-TP60E not require any special knowledge and skills - the ability to use a screwdriver and be neat. However, it would be better to entrust this work to a professional electronic technician.    Furutech e-TP60E power splitter design is safe and simple: to disassemble and assemble the bug is difficult.
The main question- what is a sound contribution after replacement to new FI-E30 NCF (R)?
 It is audible for once and gets a clean sound, spatiality, and musical instruments, voice, better articulation. Exposure effect reminiscent of T-Toc records "HD-CD case" impact on the CD sound.
To the new NCF socket was plugged Devialet 200 amplifier with Cardas Clear Beyond power cable.


Valhalla 2 power cord & FI-50 NCF(R)/FI-E50 NCF(R)

Valhalla 2 original power cord

The question was whether it is possible to sound improvement of a system if the system`s power cables are Valhalla 2? Of course, it is, replaces it to Odin 2! 


 valhalla anf furutech plugs

But audiophiles mind is not calm, although a solution except Odin should be!


 Furutech NCF plugs and Valhalla 2

It had the idea to try to compare two Valhalla 2- one with original gold plated plugs- another one with Furutech FI-50 NCF (R) / FI-E50 NCF (R).


 FI-E50R NCF furutech

What about the sound? To be continued...




DIY assembled Hi-Fi Power cable at an affordable price.
DIY hi-fi power cable.
Taga Harmony "TA 25mini"- a few words about sound.
Firs impressions about TA-25mini sound
Taga Harmony TA-25 mini amplifier power supply.

 Thought to check the TA-25 mains adapter, because often some switching power supplies thoroughly pollute the network, causing noticeable damage to the sound of the system.This image shows noise level  measured on Taga Harmony PF1000 filtered part: noise analyser

Then I`ve connected switching power adapto of  "TA-25 mini" . As seen from the indicator readings, the noise rate is even lower, as without the connected adapter.   This means that the "TA-25 mini" 230V adapter are not carrying extra noise and its built-in parallel circuit of input filter  slightly reduce the overall level of interference.


adaptor of TA-25 mini


Of course, this amplifier is not designed for High-end systems and the amp could operate with lower quality adapter, but just such "small stuff" describes the manufacturer's attitude towards its product quality and attitude towards customers. All respect Taga Harmony!