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Valhalla 2 power cord & FI-50 NCF(R)/FI-E50 NCF(R)

Valhalla 2 original power cord

The question was whether it is possible to sound improvement of a system if the system`s power cables are Valhalla 2? Of course, it is, replaces it to Odin 2! 


 valhalla anf furutech plugs

But audiophiles mind is not calm, although a solution except Odin should be!


 Furutech NCF plugs and Valhalla 2

It had the idea to try to compare two Valhalla 2- one with original gold plated plugs- another one with Furutech FI-50 NCF (R) / FI-E50 NCF (R).


 FI-E50R NCF furutech

What about the sound? To be continued...




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