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DIY assembled Hi-Fi Power cable at an affordable price.

First step- peace of cable KACSA-Audio KC-FP52 (UP-OFC, 5.2 was burned in about 72 hrs. 

kacsa-audio power cable


burning-in kacsa power cable


Second step- choice of plugs. I decided to use Oyaide P-029E and C-029. An alternative could be Furutech FI-E11Cu/FI-11Cu, but these items were out of stock at moment.



kit power cable


The third step- assembling. I’ve used contact conditioner Deoxit Gold to be sure that there will be not any oxidation in future.

manual C-029 oyaide


IEC Oyaide


P-029E oyaide

As decoration for a nicer view of cable, I’ve used Kacsa-audio flexible snake skin ES-B08.
All necessary things for these cables were available  in Riga.

Cable is ready.

Oyaide_Kacsa audio KC-FP52

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