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Taga Harmony "TA 25mini"- a few words about sound.

 Although the amplifier is very small, the connection is very convenient, because the amplifier output terminal is slightly outwards, so access to the screws, cables to take place quickly. 3.5 mm input socket positioned between the output and the balanced audio in-put terminals and 3.5 mm audio jack enters tight as well as DC power plug stays in the socket very stable. This stuff is important when one considers the possible amplifier placing location, for example behind the ceiling panel.

TA-25 mini output terminals

As the signal source I chose computer, JRiver player, Intona USB isolator and Audioquest Dragonfly Red digital analog converter.

Intona USB isolator_AQ dragonfly_red

Speakers this time- Taga Harmony Platinium S-40 whose sensitivity is 87 dB and the recommended amplifier power 20-120 W. One would think that TA-25 with its 2 x 25W will be much struggle so that the S-40 start to sound properly. 

TA25_AQ Dragonfly red

Before turning the volume up I've checked  the speakers, to see whether there are any noise or disturbance. Almost total silence with a little quiet tweeter hissing when brought a ear very close to the tweeter, but given the low sensitivity speaker so it could be, Or amplifier really is pretty quiet. Well, time for music.


TA_25_mini Taga audio

Talking about sound, I would be hard to imagine the arguments that hamper the use of this small amplifier in any multi-zone installation, even with a high quality sound claims. First impression of amplifier is smooth timbral balance (tone regulators neutral position). Sound do not  requiring additional regulation. At the same time range of regulation it is sufficient to adjust the timbre of the lower-class speakers. Another, in my view, a positive attribute- sound is very comfortable and unobtrusive, which are useful for cozy background music. Finally, for those indicated 25 watts to channel- it is completely sufficient to speakers such as Platinium S40 sounding free, open and fill the room with a pleasant sound of a wide frequency range.


Taga platinium S40 _TA-25 mini

Of course, connecting outdoor speakers TOS-415, sound character changed somewhat, but according to the speaker intended use. 

TOS415W_taga TA-25_mini


In conclusion, this amplifier does not impose its sounding character to speakers.We can say it honestly reinforces the input signal. How good it (the input signal) will be, so good you will get it on output terminals. Everything else will depend on the connected speakers.

Well done Taga Harmony!

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