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Furutech FI-30E NCF (R) for DIY.

Customer`s review:

 To replace gold plated Schuko socket of E-TP60E not require any special knowledge and skills - the ability to use a screwdriver and be neat. However, it would be better to entrust this work to a professional electronic technician.    Furutech e-TP60E power splitter design is safe and simple: to disassemble and assemble the bug is difficult.
The main question- what is a sound contribution after replacement to new FI-E30 NCF (R)?
 It is audible for once and gets a clean sound, spatiality, and musical instruments, voice, better articulation. Exposure effect reminiscent of T-Toc records "HD-CD case" impact on the CD sound.
To the new NCF socket was plugged Devialet 200 amplifier with Cardas Clear Beyond power cable.


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