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Taga Harmony TA-25 mini amplifier power supply.

 Thought to check the TA-25 mains adapter, because often some switching power supplies thoroughly pollute the network, causing noticeable damage to the sound of the system.This image shows noise level  measured on Taga Harmony PF1000 filtered part: noise analyser

Then I`ve connected switching power adapto of  "TA-25 mini" . As seen from the indicator readings, the noise rate is even lower, as without the connected adapter.   This means that the "TA-25 mini" 230V adapter are not carrying extra noise and its built-in parallel circuit of input filter  slightly reduce the overall level of interference.


adaptor of TA-25 mini


Of course, this amplifier is not designed for High-end systems and the amp could operate with lower quality adapter, but just such "small stuff" describes the manufacturer's attitude towards its product quality and attitude towards customers. All respect Taga Harmony!

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