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Audio Cables

Various Cables for Audio & video system needs - interconnect, speaker, digital, USB, HDMI, optical, 230V power, installation  cables and hook-up wires .

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ADL iD-35R 1.2m

The Best Performance interconnect for Hi-Fi and High-end systems
€68.00 incl tax

Audioquest Big Sure 0.6 m

High quality interconnect for Hi-Fi and Home theather systems
€111.00 incl tax

Audioquest BiWire Jumpers (G)

BiWire Jumpers-G(gold plated)
€28.00 incl tax

Audioquest BiWire Jumpers (S)

BiWire Jumpers-S (silver plated)
€28.00 incl tax

Audioquest Castle Rock 2.5

High-End speaker cable, 2.5 m,banana plug
€1703.40 incl tax

Audioquest Coffe AES/EBEU 1.0 m

High-End digital (balanced, 110 Ohm),72V DBS cable
€489.00 incl tax