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Taga Harmony PF-1000 upgrade

Taga Harmony PF-1000 upgrade.

Taga Harmony filter

    As it is said, there is no harm without good. After several years of successful Taga Harmony PF-1000 sales finally, come in contact with the first defect - burn out the "power on" LED.

PF1000 inside view

I got a spare part from the European distributor quite quickly and got into work. Immediately I would add that it took a little time and it was quite simple.


At the same time, it was thought that this filter would be slightly improved. I decided to lay the inside of the body and the lower lid with vibration damping material 

PF-1000 Taga


and replace the IEC socket with the Furutech FI-06R NCF. 

Gluing needed a hot air dryer, but the nest was supposed to use a flat file as the FI-06 socket was slightly wider than the original. But the fixing holes corresponded completely.

IEC Taga


 In general, spending a couple of hours and 40 euros on IEC socket and 2 euros on a "Silent coat" damping mat provides a sound enhancement of the audio system.

Taga PF1000 NCF



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