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Oyaide 174-R IEC-CM

High End Performance IEC inlet
Manufacturer: Oyaide
€23.40 incl tax

  The IEC 320 power inlet is widely used for many types of audio equipment. Oyaide have aimed to produce the best Inlet on the market. The housing is made from 30% glass filler PBT. This has excellent qualities of high durability, vibration absorption, and heat resistance. I use a rhodium plating to the blade, and a body made with heat resistant resin that is reinforced with glass powder filled PBT 30% resulting in high rigidity, durability, anti-vibration resistance, and excellent resistance to heat from soldering, making damage or deformation to the resin, less likely to occur.  Soldering is easy as compared to standard inlets.

The 174-R is an AC inlet of the highest quality with excellent workability, with improved sound quality and enhanced resolution.



  • Blade: Brass
  • Plating: Rhodium
  • Body: 30% glass filled PBT filler
  • Rating: 250V 15A
  • Mounting: Solder

* Price per one pce.