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High-quality power filter for audio systems
Производитель: XINDAK
€429,00 с налогами

XF-1000ES is a high-quality power filter, which is designed based on its predecessor XF-1000E, but with voltage meter.

This unit uses the multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made up of high-quality capacitors and inductances, with phase detecting and adjusting system and power voltage meter at the same time, which could meet the requirements from audiophiles.

• Max Spike Volt: 3000V
• Max Clamping Volt (8X20s): 470V
• Max Surge Current (8X20s): 1000A
• Noise Filter: -10dB~-55dB(2-100 MHz)
• Rating: AC250V 10A Max.
• Output Sockets for Digital Accessories: 3A (4 ways)
• Output Sockets for Preamplifier/Accessories: 5A (2 ways)
• Output Sockets for Power Amplifier: 5.5A (2 ways)

Available Version
• Schuko sockets