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Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt

USB-Stick-Size Digital-Audio Converter headphone amplifier.
Производитель: Audioquest
€295,00 с налогами
  • USB-Stick-Size Digital-Audio Converter headphone amplifier.
  • Plays All Music Files: MP3 to High-Res, Native resolution- Up to 24-bit / 96kHz
  • Like the ESS 9016, the 32-bit ES9038Q2Muses a sophisticated minimum-phase digital filter to provide more naturally detailed and dynamic music, but surpasses the 9016 in overall performance
  • Drives Headphones Directly
  • Variable Output Drives Powered Speakers or Power Amp
  • Direct-Coupled, High output — With a combination of power, beauty, and finesse, DF Cobalt delivers greater overall impact, momentum, and grip than either DF Red or DF Black, while also surpassing their excellent senses of touch, texture, and nuance. In addition, Cobalts's high (2.1v) output means that it can easily drive the widest range of headphones. When used as a line-level device (volume set to 100%), DF Red's 2.1 volts provide enough power to drive all preamplifier, integrated amplifier, or receiver inputs.
  • Asynchronous Transfer Ensures Digital Timing Integrity
  •  The  Microchip's superb PIC32MX274 (USB 2.0 compliant) is a full-speed isochronous USB audio solution microprocessor draws less current and increases processing speed by 33% than PIC32MX. 32-bit architecture, and the option for software upgradibility (via a desktop application provided by AudioQuest). In addition, the Microchip's ultra-low-noise power supply minimizes the sound-degrading effect of high-frequency interference on the critical audio signal. 
  •  Dual Fixed-Frequency Master Clocks Enable Optimal 'Clocking' (Digital Timing) for All Sample Rates
  • Improved power-supply filtering that specifically increases immunity to WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular noise.
  • DragonFly Cobalt employs a 64-bit, bit-perfect digital volume control that resides inside the DAC chip itself—an elegant and sophisticated implementation that ensures maximum fidelity, dynamic contrast, and signal-to-noise ratio. With DragonFly Cobalt connected to a PC or mobile device, adjusting the host’s system volume control will, thro
  • USB Protocol- Streamlength™ asynchronous USB code ensures low jitter, low resource load, minimal packet errors, world-class audio playback, and reliable connectivity between our DAC and any computing device compliant with USB Host Mode (as set forth by the USB Organization). Streamlength requires no additional drivers, making DragonFly Cobalt virtually plug-and-play for Apple, Windows, iOS, and Android users.
  • Desktop/PC compatibility- Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10; Apple OS X; Linux (no support provided)
  • Mobile compatibility- Yes: Apple iOS (5 and newer); Android 4.1 and newer* For Android devices, see owner's manual.
  • Includes a form-fitting DragonTail female USB-A to male USB-C Adaptor.
    All DragonTails use AQ's Carbon-level USB cable.
  • Dimensions- 12mm (h) x 19mm (w) x 62mm (l)